Murray Associates Ltd.  Corporate Communications Consultants.
Translators, Translation Auditors, International Communications Consultants

Major Clients

Murray Associates also specializes in sea and ground transport. Some of Japan’s leading industry publishers call on us to produce their English publications. We also produce government white papers and reports.

However, this is not the end of our expertise. Please take the time to browse through our extensive list of major projects. This is indicative of the wide range of experience and knowledge we have at our fingertips. We look forward to serving you.

Murray Associates: The Name behind the Names

  • Nippon Medical School
  • Office Miyazaki
  • Place Inc.
  • Trade Ceramics Archeological Research Society (Sakura Museum)
  • Cinesell Japan Inc.
  • Bright Aki
  • Photon Create Co., Ltd.
  • Sega Toys Co., Ltd.
  • Suzuoka Co., Ltd.
  • Office Mie
  • Litec Co., Ltd.
  • Parks & Open Space Association of Japan
  • Ryoso Tourism Co., Ltd.