Murray Associates Ltd.  Corporate Communications Consultants.
Translators, Translation Auditors, International Communications Consultants

Other Industries

Road safety research, transport research, medical, pharmaceutical, construction, economics, politics, information technology, advertising & public relations copy. Since 1978, we have produced quality translations in almost every possible field.

Project list

  • Annual Abstracts of Reports on Excavations of Trade Ceramics in Japan
  • Various newspaper articles on business, industry and economic developments
  • Research papers for International Association of Traffic Safety Research
  • Pulmonary Thrombosis Research Report
  • Emergency Medical Care at Airports
  • Endangered Birdlife at Owada Radio Station (report)
  • SNP Genetic Research (brochure)
  • Survey of Birdlife at Yokota Air Base (report)
  • Mitsubishi Vehicle Dealer Custom Order Software (localization)
  • Aussie Beef Newsletter
  • Mobile Terminal Survey Report
  • Flower Industry Business Report
  • Hanover Expo Video Narration
  • NEDO Video Presentation Narration
  • WCDMA Technical Reports & Video Presentations
  • CANON Expo 2000
  • VICS Brochure
  • Cadillac Seville Video Narration
  • Mitsubishi Electric Space Facility
  • Komatsu Pamphlets
  • Mitsubishi Carbon Black
  • NTT Fiber-to-the-Home Program Technical Reports,etc.
  • Network Visualization System
  • Fading Simulation (technical report)
  • NTT Nagano Olympic Network
  • Tokyo Business Show ‘97
  • Fontworks website
  • Fujikura Co., Ltd. (brochures)
  • Chile Beef Campaign
  • Chile Wine Campaign
  • Fanny Mae Japan Launch
  • NASDAQ Japan Launch
  • Nuclear Fuel Handling
  • Goodyear Tyres (brochure)
  • Paint Show ‘98
  • JR Suica System (public relations material)
  • Various Machinery Specification Sheets, Sales Reports for Oriental Motors
  • Fuji Bank Y2K Contingency Measures
  • Linear Stepping Motor Manual
  • Mitsubishi Motion Controller Specification Sheet