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The Company

Murray Associates Ltd. (Japan) and Murray Japan Pty. Ltd. (Australia) have an impressive record of achievements in translation and international projects for an extensive range of government, corporate and individual clients extending over a history of almost 30 years. Although we specialize in all aspects of the airport and aviation industries, we are also widely respected for our quality and service in almost every field of government and business.
As the designated translation company for Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai International Airport among others, we also provide support for events and conferences and play a key role in international and domestic aviation policy-making, bilateral and multilateral aviation/airport agreements and negotiations, and Japanese activities in, and relations with, international organizations such the Airports Council International, International Air Transport Association, International Civil Aviation Organization and the new East Asia Airports Alliance. We prepare memorandums, agreements and other legal documents and produce magazines, public relations material, white papers, reports, conference presentations, operations manuals, airport signage, video presentations and website content. In addition to policy and operations aspects, we have also been extensively involved in all aspects of information technology applications in airports and in particular the i-Airport and its precedessor, the e-Airport project at Narita Airport, the activities of the ASTREC consortium and other initiatives in the e-Japan program since these concepts were first launched.
After working on the privatization of Narita International Airport Authority in 2004, Murray Associates has worked with Tokyo International Air Terminal on the preparation and operation of the international air terminal at Haneda Airport since 2009. More recently, the company provided the translation of essential documentation for the handover of Kansai International and Itami airports to a consortium under a concession agreement on 1 April 2016. Murray Associates has provided the translation services for numerous airport development and operation assistance projects in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East and is working on several such projects at the moment.

Murray Associates and Murray Japan translate in the Japanese-English language pair and also Japanese-Chinese, Japanese-Korean, Japanese-French, Japanese-German, English-Chinese, English-Korean, English-French and English-German.

More than simply a translation agency. Murray Associates was established and is operated by experienced translators with sophisticated writing skills. By emphasizing customer satisfaction and quality before profits, we have built a solid reputation for reliability. If your translation requirements place quality above rates, we would be delighted to place our expertise at your disposal.

Corporate Philosophy

Overall, we strive to offer excellence in inter-cultural, international communications. By forming close working partnerships with our clients, we come to understand their requirements and their objectives. This allows us to produce better quality.

Our Mission

To facilitate global communications and understanding by offering the highest level of quality in the services we provide.


Australia and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Sakura City Chamber of Commerce (Chiba Prefecture)