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Translators, Translation Auditors, International Communications Consultants

Our Services

How is it that a foreign-owned company in Japan can win and maintain major corporate clients? Why don’t our clients every leave? As one client recently told us:

“Nobody does it better than Murray Associates.”

We are flexible, cost conscious and offer top quality. Here are some of our services. If we can help you, contact us.

Translation, Localization & Interpreting

Murray Associates is not an agency. We are a corporate communications company operated by language professionals. Every member of our staff is fluent in at least two languages and is an experienced translator and/or interpreter. We are experienced in almost every field and dedicated to our profession. If your primary requirement is quality, there is no better company than Murray Associates.

Public Relations, Advertising Copy & Placement

Producing news releases, public relations material and advertising copy demands special skills and a complete understanding of your audience’s needs. Murray Associates has many years of experience in this field, working for some of the largest companies in the world. We can also place your advertisement in the most appropriate media for your requirements.

International Relations Consultants

For more than 25 years we have worked with government, international organizations, multinational companies and even small businesses to facilitate international relations and business activities.

Conferences, Meetings, Events

Organizing conferences, meetings and events in a foreign country can be frustrating and difficult. Murray Associates has provided assistance in the organization of many international conferences and meetings in Japan.

World Aviation Headlines

Airports and aviation are our forte. Our knowledge and experience of airports and aviation in Japan is second to none. This is an industry where timely delivery of news and information can mean the difference between multi-million dollar profits and losses. Every Monday morning we compile a list of aviation related headlines from around the world and deliver them to your mailbox. To subscribe, please contact us.


This is a fee-based service designed for individual intelligence requirements. Define your area of interest and we can deliver full text news articles daily, weekly or monthly.

Information Research & Intelligence Event Planning

A fundamental element in translation is researching the subject thoroughly to be able to deliver a polished product. Over the years, we have honed our researching skills to such a level that we are able to produce information on just about any topic. We have offered this fee-based service to our top clients for many years and now make this available to you.